It has been just over a week since our EP release :D and it has been SO MUCH fun !! :D we have had some really great reviews which we're so happy about !! :D So we though we'd show you what has been said !! :D 

it has kind of a Coldplay feel, which is great, because I am a HUGE fan of Coldplay. 

Ken Bailey
april 18th

Nice track. We will play on AM with Amy tomorrow from 10.30am.



I'm really enjoying the sound of this - very atmospheric and quite relaxing: 
Ram Air
Bradford Uni
April 18th

Playing these on Sunday 19th. GREAT BAND!
Usual –
Tunein Radio app – Preston FM uploaded (usually) a week later or so. Keep an eye out – musicsimonh

This song is gorgeous and beautifully atmospheric, its quite haunting.
The cello intro really opens the song up nicely.

Top stuff. Ry ;) 

Ryan B Oxley 
Indie DJ 
Artist Development; 

 "Night Light" by Gentian is now in rotation on Westfield Radio

Matt Avery
Westfield Recording Company
Port Richey Florida USA

I've added this song to the show on the 28th April !

Kara x
Twisted Mixtape Show, Glasgow
April 20th

Love the Gentian Track 

Radio Colne