Artwork by Vivek Karikkethil

Vivek Karikkethil, a friend on Google+ has recently produced a new artwork for D.D and myself and we are very proud to display it on our website, Thank you to Vivek Karikkethil for your hard work in making this piece of art ^^ We are very honoured... ^^ 

Hi, so the interview with Roy Grimes was SO MUCH FUN!!! ^^ Roy Grimes the presenter was such a Gentlemen it was a pleasure to be on his show.
Despite our nerves  he put us at ease and the interview went very smoothly, so to Roy Grimes .. Thank you^^

Here are some pictures, there are some videos to follow^^
Before our interview with Roy Grimes on The Voice FM ^^
During out Interview ^^
D.D and I are preparing for our live interview and acoustic session on The Voice FM with Roy Grimes TODAY!!!! OoO soexcited.
http://www.thevoicefm.co.uk/ Here's the link if you want to listen in ;) we're on at 7:30pm tonight UK time!!!
Just a little nervous !!! 
As long as we don't forget how to speak forget the songs or faint!!!! OoO ... we should be fine :) :) :)