Hi Everyone, sorry we haven't written a blog post for a while :( but we're back!! And here's whats been happening, we have just finished shooting our new Music Video for our newly realised song 'Finished' !! (hehe) it has been played a lot on radios in our local area :) which we are very happy about, and we had a heck of a time making the MV, a lot of laughs :)
Radio Exe have just asked us to go into their studio for an interview :) so we are now preparing for that whilst also working on another song, 'Did I' !! So we're quite busy :) and loving it to bits!!!!  
We also recently when to a BBC Charity Event for the Air Ambulance Trust as guests, BBC Radio Devon had personally helped raise £850,000 to the purchase of a new hi tech helicopter!! and it was on display for that day.
As a thank you it has a sign on the tail dedicated to BBC Radio Devon's efforts.
As it was a radio event, we had the honour to hear some of the best Folk music Devon has to offer :) and they were all BRILLIANT!!! we had a really great time!! All the musicians were so amazing!! can't wait till we can go again!!
All the best.
DD & Jingle xx
DD & Jingle at BBC Air Ambulance Charity Event :)