Some more amazing reviews for Gentians EP In The Dark :D

This a beautiful 'haunting' track which will compliment tempo fm's playlist perfectly.

tempo fm

Played Gentian on the Midnight Mix.  I have had a look at the other tracks they have produced as well and have become a fan by liking their FB page.  I would love to get them in the studio.
The Midnight Mix

Gentian's gorgeous hypnotic melodies will certainly go down well on the show I'm sure! These ladies of beautiful voices and I would love to hear and review the In The Dark EP. 

The TKOS Team

The Kitty Opal Show
@KittyOpalShow    (CD SENT)

 What a lovely track.
Bolton FM

I like these girls very much, very haunting indeed with a very different dimention to the track, i really like it.

Radio Cardiff


It has been just over a week since our EP release :D and it has been SO MUCH fun !! :D we have had some really great reviews which we're so happy about !! :D So we though we'd show you what has been said !! :D 

it has kind of a Coldplay feel, which is great, because I am a HUGE fan of Coldplay. 

Ken Bailey
april 18th

Nice track. We will play on AM with Amy tomorrow from 10.30am.



I'm really enjoying the sound of this - very atmospheric and quite relaxing: 
Ram Air
Bradford Uni
April 18th

Playing these on Sunday 19th. GREAT BAND!
Usual –
Tunein Radio app – Preston FM uploaded (usually) a week later or so. Keep an eye out – musicsimonh

This song is gorgeous and beautifully atmospheric, its quite haunting.
The cello intro really opens the song up nicely.

Top stuff. Ry ;) 

Ryan B Oxley 
Indie DJ 
Artist Development; 

 "Night Light" by Gentian is now in rotation on Westfield Radio

Matt Avery
Westfield Recording Company
Port Richey Florida USA

I've added this song to the show on the 28th April !

Kara x
Twisted Mixtape Show, Glasgow
April 20th

Love the Gentian Track 

Radio Colne

So we have recorded our first EP !!! 
We had an absolutely AMAZING time, it was 5 days in a studio with Andy Rugg who was really nice and made us feel very comfortable, we loved showing him our fav music and him showing us his, plus him showing us some amazing kit which is going to brace the bank!!
We made some vlog's about our time in the studio here's the link if you want to watch 
It was for us to remember such an amazing experience, but we really hope they also give you some entertainment !! 
We will be releasing our EP on 20th April 2015 !!! :O :O So EXCITED!!! :D 
Thank you everyone for your support!! :D 
Ok!! :D  Today was BRILLIANT !!! :D :D We have found out that Andy Rugg currently Engineer and producer for Coldplay , who has also worked for the likes of JayZ and Beyonce .... Is going to be working on Gentian's EP !!!! 🎊 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 To say we're excited ... WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT !! So apart from using their brand new SSL Consort we have Andy Rugg to !! :P :P We are really excited and can't wait to be in that studio !! ^_^ ^_^
 So we have decided that now we are ready to make our first ever EP!!! :O We are very excited, we have arranged to go up to London and record with Resident Studios !! ^_^ They are also giving us 3 days out of 5 in their 'Studio A' which is home to the legendary SSL console!! :D This is amazing because it is known for producing more number 1s than any other type of console!! :O :O (Lets hope so !!! :D :D ) We are so happy to have this opportunity, and really hope that we don't break anything !!! :P :P It is our first time in a pro recording studio !! :O :O Let's hope we do well !! ^_^ Details to follow !! ^_^ ^_^ Thanks everyone!! ^_^
YIIIPPPEEEE !!! Gentian were played on Meet Music internet radio hosted by Chris Good on the 27th November!! :) We are VERY EXCITED!! :) Here's the link to hear us being played if you want to listen, We're on about 40 minutes in with some really nice things said about our music :) we're really chuffed :) Not sure about the Cartoon Characters though !!! Listen in and you'll know what i mean !! :p ^_^ ^_^
So we're REALLY EXCITED!! We were played on BBC Radio Devon on the 2nd November 2013!!! :) We thank John Govier so much for playing us and supporting us again :) And to all of you for listening and supporting Gentian ^_^ YOU ALL ROCK!!! ^_^ if you want to check us out we start at 55 mins and 50 seconds in to JG's show!! :) all the best everyone, enjoy your week :) 
if you want to follow us on our Facebook band page here's the link too !! :)

On the 5th October Gentian we're played on BBC Devon's Morning Show!!! :O WE ARE SO EXCITED!! We we're listening in with all our family, a few screams came up as we came on .. yes!!^^  We have recently finished our newest song 'Did I' which we have sent to our Radio stations, they are very enthusiastic!!  'Did I' will be available soon :) Also there are a few Radio Interviews in November ^^ I'll give you date's when they are all finalized :) We thank every one for all your support ^^ It has been FANTASTIC !!! ^^ xx 
Ps, I will also be uploading a recording of Gentian on BBC Devon's Morning Show soon !! ;)  
Hi Everyone, sorry we haven't written a blog post for a while :( but we're back!! And here's whats been happening, we have just finished shooting our new Music Video for our newly realised song 'Finished' !! (hehe) it has been played a lot on radios in our local area :) which we are very happy about, and we had a heck of a time making the MV, a lot of laughs :)
Radio Exe have just asked us to go into their studio for an interview :) so we are now preparing for that whilst also working on another song, 'Did I' !! So we're quite busy :) and loving it to bits!!!!  
We also recently when to a BBC Charity Event for the Air Ambulance Trust as guests, BBC Radio Devon had personally helped raise £850,000 to the purchase of a new hi tech helicopter!! and it was on display for that day.
As a thank you it has a sign on the tail dedicated to BBC Radio Devon's efforts.
As it was a radio event, we had the honour to hear some of the best Folk music Devon has to offer :) and they were all BRILLIANT!!! we had a really great time!! All the musicians were so amazing!! can't wait till we can go again!!
All the best.
DD & Jingle xx
DD & Jingle at BBC Air Ambulance Charity Event :)
Had a great interview with JC on his Riviera Radio Showcase ^-^
It was about 35 degrees in his studio ^-^ but had a wonderful time and JC has invited us back again for another interview!!! :O:O
Thanks so much to everyone who listened in, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did ^-^
And thanks to JC for inviting us and for all his support, it has been amazing ^-^